our Mission & Team

Our team is comprised of cybersecurity thought-leaders, skilled white hat hackers and analysts with decades of cumulative field experience with government and private sector organizations alike. We provide our customers with solutions based on the external and internal threat landscape, leveraging the most relevant and effective cybersecurity tools for the mission.

The team members’ diverse backgrounds coalesce formidable offensive and defensive capabilities for a business-first approach. Each team member understands how to conduct technically challenging testing and analysis activities while ensuring that no damage is caused to mission-critical systems. They are accredited professionals, certified on a variety of sought-after qualifications, as well as by major vendors, on their products bringing unrivalled cyber expertise to the table, combining a thorough depth of technological knowledge with a drive to deliver high quality findings in all areas examined.


Oran is founder and CEO of Lyntor. For over 15 years Oran managed IT departments, using the best of Israeli technology to provide round-the-clock organizational data security. In early 2016 Oran decided to use the skills, experience and relationships he developed to make the world of SMBs a cybersafer place. Oran holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Psychology and M.Sc. in Occupational Psychology. He lives in Israel with his wife and four well behaved children.
Oran Cohen
Founder & CEO
Omer brings more than 12 years of experience in the domain of IT environments and technology, with a well- honed expertise in cyber defense. As a cyber and strategy lead Omer specializes in assessing the risks facing the organization, identifying and prioritizing key assets the organization wishes to safeguard, designing a multi-year workplan utilizing available resources, and supervising implementation. Omer has designed and implemented advanced technical and cyber solutions for backbone enterprises in areas of information and cyber security, wireless, networking and load-balancing. He has also worked extensively with satellite networks.
Omer Pinsker