Protect, yourselves, your clients, your Business

Protect your SMB with Lyntor’s vCISO (that is, our virtual Chief Information Security Officer). For information on the services offered, click here

If you operate a Small or Midsized Business (SMB) and believe that your company won’t be targeted by cyber criminals then we have news for you.

The majority of cyberattacks today target SMBs! And the costs of recovering from an attack can shut down the business. Is it worth taking the risk?

Lyntor provides unrivaled cybersecurity expertise and total solutions to SMBs by identifying vulnerabilities and shutting them down before they can be exploited.

Prevention is better than cure, so talk to us before you find yourself compromised.

“Threat Analysis. Protection. Prevention”

SMBs comprise over 90% of US businesses

71% of security breaches target small businesses

60% of those affected will close their doors within six months

Nearly half of all SMBs have been victims of cyberattacks

Israel’s Elite Cyber Intelligence Expertise Keeping Your Business Safe

OUR MISSION: To provide SMBs with world class cybersecurity solutions
– overseen and implemented by battle tested cybersecurity professionals.

Cost Effective Solutions: Lyntor is committed to finding and deploying reliable and cost-effective solutions that suits each unique SMB.

Cutting-edge technologies: Israel is unparalleled in cybersecurity technology. Lyntor has cultivated relationships over the past two decades so we know the best technologies out there and which work best for you.

Staffed by the best: Many of our employees served in the Israel Defense Forces’ elite cyber intelligence units, giving them unmatched experience in the cyber field. Lyntor is proudly applying the Israeli military’s perspective on cybersecurity to the SMB setting.

Threat-driven approach: We tailor solutions to your business and implement defense tactics according to the assets you possess and the actual risks you face.

People-centered approach: Organizational processes that brings about change need staff buy-in. Our approach makes security usable and counters security fatigue.

SMB experience: Having worked with and in small and medium-sized businesses for decades, we understand your legitimate security concerns, and get you real, practical answers in a timely manner.

vCISO: The Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

SMBs often cannot afford a dedicated, in-house Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to focus on directing strategy, operations and the budget for the protection of critical information assets and market differentiators. Lyntor provides your company with the full gamut of CISO services, allowing you to focus on what you do best, furthering your business.

Assessment: We identify the company’s core assets and analyze how all points (users, the internal network, hosted solutions, the supply chain and business partners) interact with them. We use this information to build a detailed report of findings complete with recommendations.

Remediation: The second stage deploys our recommendations by building a defense that mirrors the nature of the threat. Our solutions maximize budgetary ROI and user buy-in, and minimize staff security fatigue.

Mitigation: With the bar set high, we aim to maintain it by keeping a perpetual watch on deployed processes and apprising the client and their employees of emerging threats. Prevention is better than cure since damage caused can seldom be reversed.

Education and Awareness Training:  Most attacks launched against an organization rely on human behavior as a point of entry. The best way to counter this is to inform, educate and empower employees. We aim to create security awareness training and simulation utilizing real-world, relevant examples for your employees and clients.

Policy and procedure writing: The development of security policies goes hand-in-hand with a heightened level of employee awareness and education. Lyntor creates dynamic and adaptive culturally-appropriate policy and procedure documents, responding to changes on the ground and new threats on the landscape. We recommend they should therefore be reviewed and updated on a regular basis.