Protect, yourselves, your clients, your Business

SMBs cannot always afford a dedicated in-house CISO. With Lyntor onside you can outsource this function to our elite team of cybersecurity professionals. We apply the Israeli military’s perspective on cybersecurity to the corporate setting.

A hacker only has to find a single opening into your network to compromise your data. Lyntor work tirelessly to uncover as many vulnerabilities as possible that could allow your business to be compromised.

Prevention is usually better than cure, none more so than in the field of cybersecurity where the genie can seldom be put back in the bottle.

“Threat Analysis. Protection. Prevention”

SMBs comprise over 90% of US businesses

71% of security breaches target small businesses

60% of those affected will close their doors within six months

Nearly half of all SMBs have been victims of cyberattacks

Israel’s Elite Cyber Intelligence Expertise Keeping Your Business Safe

OUR MISSION: To provide SMBs with world class cybersecurity solutions
– overseen and implemented by battle tested cybersecurity professionals.

Enterprise Quality for SMB budgets: Large corporations spend millions of dollars a year on security solutions. Such budgets don’t apply to SMBs but Lyntor is committed to finding a reliable and cost-effective solution that suits each unique business

Cutting-edge technologies created in the Start-up Nation: Israel is an unparalleled world leader in cybersecurity technology. Lyntor staff have cultivated professional and business relationships over the past two decades in the region and will guide you to select the very best technical solutions tailored to your operation. You can also benefit from our economies of scale

Provision of cyber defensive strategies; NOT just a security product: In contrast to most other Israeli cybersecurity providers we don’t have a product. Instead, we provide a vendor-agnostic service aimed at SMBs, that aligns with their business

People-centered approach, to educate and empower: Any organizational process that brings about change will struggle to succeed without staff buy-in. Our people-centered approach makes security usable and counters the need for trade-off as well as fighting security fatigue

SMB experience: Having worked with and in small and medium-sized businesses for decades, Lyntor understands what it means to have legitimate security concerns, and to get real, practical answers in a timely manner

Commitment: Lyntor staff is committed to both top-notch customer service and technological implementation. Our security audits and cybersecurity strategies go side hand in hand with our business operation, to provide the best possible service to our clients

The Lyntor Three-Pronged Approach

Cybersecurity can be daunting. Users are endlessly bombarded with grim messages on a daily basis. Headlines constantly issue warnings that businesses are not doing enough to counter the growing threats. Even those SMBs that have got the message and want to start improving their cyber posture tell us that they are overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. Others make blanket decisions without considering the consequences to their staff’s ability to do their jobs productively.

By employing Lyntor’s Three-Pronged Approach we guide our client to best consider where to invest their efforts, resources & budgets most effectively. After all, cybersecurity is supposed to help your business, not hinder it!