put your valuables in a safe
Then leave the door wide open?

There is a better way

Lyntor solution

Cost Effective Solutions

Lyntor is committed to finding and deploying reliable and cost-effective solutions that suits each unique SMB.

Staffed by the best

Many of our employees served in the Israel Defense Forces’ elite cyber intelligence units. Lyntor is proudly applying the Israeli military’s perspective on cybersecurity to the SMB setting.

People-centered approach

Organizational change processes require staff buy-in. Our approach helps your staff realize their role in securing their organization.

Cutting-edge technologies

Israel is unparalleled in cybersecurity technology. We know the best technologies out there and which work best for you.

Threat-driven approach

We tailor solutions to your business and implement defense tactics according to the assets you possess and the actual risks you face.

SMB experience

Having worked in the SMB world for decades, we understand your legitimate security concerns, and get you cost-effective solutions.